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Confessions of a Hobby Hobo

I’m a hobby hobo. Salsa dancing, painting, jewelry making, cookie baking, photography…I’ve done it all, briefly and not particularly well. The fact that I don’t have a hobby I’m passionate about, like scrapbooking, gardening, or collecting, like that guy who has a warehouse for everything Dolly Parton has ever breathed near, is something I’ve come to accept about myself.

It wasn’t always so. I went to a college where everyone seemed to have an expertise, something tangible, like swimming or acting, which they couldn’t wait to dig into when the work of the day was done. READ MORE HERE!

One Response to “From BestLife.com”

  1. Joel Jacobs says:

    Which, of course, begs the question of whether you need a hobby. Some people don’t.

    I don’t really have a hobby, though I seem to have a bunch I dabble in, without becoming passionate about any of them. Some of my friends think I need a hobby, lest I get restless with generic middle-aged restlessness. I think they’re probably right, though I also think it would be useful for me to practice being without constant activity. I’m not generally one for quiet and calm.

    Does your lack of a hobby feel like a problem?