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Growing up the no-problem child

Last year I was at an airport check-in with my husband and 18-month-old twin girls. As I tried to stop them from licking our wheelie bag in a fit of toddler anarchy, a boy of 13 walked over to me,… Continue Reading →

If it looks natural but it isn’t

Give it a miss, and 11 other easy food rules to live by You’ve got the USDA telling you what to eat, the FDA preaching what not to eat, R.D.s and M.D.s chattering about RDAs and your mom looking crestfallen… Continue Reading →

Nude and improved

A STANDARD-SIZED BEACH towel is insufficient to conceal my husband’s hulking manhood. Sorry for the overshare, but after much groveling on my part, Paul agreed to join me at a nudist resort on the condition that I start the story… Continue Reading →

Pregnant, With Anticipation

  For the 1 in 10 women and men of reproductive age affected by infertility, pregnancy can be delicate and elusive. At age 35, SELF staffer Stephanie Dolgoff wanted desperately to have a baby. Over many months, through doctor visits… Continue Reading →

Think before you ink

(This was the pro-tattoo half of a pro/con article that appeared in SELF. To read the con portion, got to www.self.com.) Anyone who tells you that getting a tattoo doesn’t hurt is either lying or lying. Or she may be… Continue Reading →

How I stopped caring what others think

This was my entry among of a group of essays by writers I admire, such as Fay Weldon, Cheryl Strayed and Cindy Chupack. We all wrote about how and when we stopped caring what other people think.

Life is good. So why can’t you stop worrying?

Too many women are fretting about the future instead of savoring happiness now. Find out how to stop the cycle—and get back to enjoying every day. I open my eyes with a start, like the murderous freak in the slasher… Continue Reading →

On Your Toes

For Miss Pepper, ballet is more than girls in tights. It’s a discipline, an identity, and a means of transforming a New York neighborhood. Born Liza Springer some 30-odd years ago, Pepper—so nicknamed because of her intense, near-manic energy—runs several… Continue Reading →

The Backlash on Babies

Cafes that ban kids, strangers who diss babies on the street — suddenly it’s become cool to trash-talk our children. What’s up with that? It would be easier for everyone involved if children sprang from their mother’s womb coiffed and… Continue Reading →