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Breathe, Demi, breathe

Lest anyone poo-pooh the plight of the Formerly, we have Demi Moore’s recent collapse to illustrate that bending like the proverbial tree in the wind is pretty much the way to go. The alternative, snapping in half, clearly doesn’t work… Continue Reading →

Help finding the bright side

As many of you have read, nothing makes me grumpier than the Pollyanna Industrial Complex–the “just slap on a smile!” fake-it-til-you-make-it school of silly psychology that tries to convince us that if you’re not happy 24/7 that you’ve failed somehow… Continue Reading →

Book freebie!

Look, I’m all about self-acceptance. I’ve regained every pound of my Divorce Diet weight, and stand my my declaration that I’d rather be heavier and happy than emaciated with a correspondingly skinny spirit. I don’t desperately need to diet and… Continue Reading →

Moved like Jagger, c. 1981

Quick Formerly moment: I danced exactly like the female avatars on Just Dance 3, at least the ones doing Bananarama songs. Even eight-year-olds know that people don’t dance that way anymore. Except I still kind of do.

New Year's evolution

Hi, all, A little something I wrote for Best Life. Let me know what you think! Steph Aspire Gently When I was home sick as a kid, I watched a show in which the puppeteers used to wave goodbye to… Continue Reading →

Perspective, people

CATHY WROTE: I just read your book and appreciated it, though I can’t really relate. Not only am I 15 years older than you, I was never hot. I have a mild case of cerebral palsy; while I can, thank God, walk and talk, I limp and my right arm swings like a broken tree branch. When I shop for clothes, style doesn’t count. Can I get into it by myself? Will these shoes support my right ankle?

A little pixie dust from the UK blog fairies

How flattering to randomly out of nowhere to be named one of UK Channel 4’s 4 Beauty Best Health Blogs! Below is the little blurby they wrote about Formerly Hot, but please click here to see the other sites that… Continue Reading →

A classic, truly

WENDY WROTE: I’m strangely not embarrassed to admit that my FORMERLY moment involves a velour jogging suit, fleece-lined crocs, a bird store…and Cheerios.


QUEEN WROTE: There comes a time in your life when u suddenly realize that you are not cute anymore. You are still pretty and more secure, hopefully more intelligent and secure, but you just don’t turn heads the way you used to. But its not because you became ugly, I believe there are beautiful and ugly in young and old.