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Bo Canada

4036022744_73038d819a_mSorry for the long post drought. I have been busy–getting ready to move, work deadlines, all of that. I have a few posts queued up in my head, but for now, check this out. Sarah Hampson of the Globe and Mail up in Toronto says it well and no, I don’t just like her because she interviewed me for her article (although I’m glad she did.)

More soon and have a great day.

Photo by Vancouver Laser CC

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I love this! From iVillage.com

I can’t figure out how to post this so it looks pretty, so you’ll just have to click HERE.

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My Piece on HuffingtonPost.com

Happy to Be “Irrelevant”

In the car–and, sadly, nowhere else–I am Mixmistress Steph, DJ extraordinaire, and as such, I give my husband and kids an unparalleled musical education for which I know they are deeply grateful, even if they don’t show it. The sound track to every car ride that’s long enough for me to find my iPod in the bottom of my gigantic mom purse consists of random hits from the AM radio days of my youth, the few current uberpopular songs (mostly by Lady Gaga) that even I, a harried 43-year-old working mother of twins couldn’t help but absorb, and, of course, ’80s music.

The ’80s were when I was in high school and college, when, like every raw and angsty adolescent, I felt on some level that Simon LeBon and Natalie Merchant and even Ozzy Osbourne were living inside my head, shouting out all the raw and angsty things I wish I could express, and would have if I had talent and a recording contract. READ THE REST AT HUFFINGTONPOST.COM

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You go, Marisa Tomei!

2624177337_195df1e1a6I’m not a starf**cker, generally speaking. As Us magazine takes pains to point out each week, they’re just like us: gas-pumping, coffee-buying, child-schlepping bipeds, wearing hats to hide bad hair days, wading their way through marital swampland, and probably freaking out about weird dermatological abnormalities that are hopefully not cancer.

On the occasions that I’ve met celebrities, usually to interview them for magazines or because I live in New York City and even stars need to wait endlessly on line at the DMV (that’s where I met the dude who plays Miranda’s Steve in Sex and the City, who was very perfectly nice and very short), I manage not to gush or fawn or praise their “oeuvre” because I find it a little weird and uncomfortable that I know way, way more about them as human beings than they do about me.  (more…)

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Mother’s Day Musings: Between a Mom and a Hard Place


My mom and my girls two years ago

One day, your mom is the blankety-blank who you CANNOT BELIEVE won’t let you get your own phone line in your bedroom, or is making you A TOTAL OUTCAST by refusing to dip into your orthodontia fund to buy you Sasson Jeans (terribly expensive in 1979 when I was 12 and so desperately wanted them), or ARBITRARILY PREVENTS you from going out to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight, even though your very best friend in the entire universe, Julie, plays Magenta in the floor show and her mom TOTALLY LETS HER. Harumph. I still haven’t seen it. Mom is not a person, but merely a tireless obstacle to your having a life.

And then you get older and she becomes more of a person, and then, if you’re lucky (which I am), goes from a person to a pretty cool person, and then maybe grandma to your kids and someone you’d friend on Facebook because, yes, you have that little to hide. (more…)

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Come back, Lisa Kudrow!

3397469442_39351a48d6_oIn New York Magazine this week, the former Phoebe on Friends, reasserted herself as someone I totally respect. (Weirdly, I can’t find the piece online to link to–sorry.)

When my friends and I sit and drunkenly fantasize about My Formerly Hot Life (my book, due out August 17th) being made into a movie or a TV show, we run through the list of female actresses of the right age with comedic chops who could conceivably play the main character–a woman my age (43 on the 27th!). (more…)

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Just sayin’

2885657537_14598ce741 Not all aging is bad. Not in the slightest.

Check this out: It’s called 11 Yearbook Photos that Musicians Wish We’d Never Seen. It’ll take a few minutes. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Wasn’t that something? (more…)

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Lemme clarify something

A number of people, mostly women, have told me that they find Formerly Hot a little annoying. Shocking, I know. I was shocked, too. Their reasoning: Here I am, going on and on about no longer being hot, while in their opinion I’m holding up pretty well. Others don’t like it because I dared to call myself “hot” in the first place. Apparently it’s immodest to think highly of yourself in retrospect. (more…)

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