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Sitting at the cool table

47688513_5697d77544Remember in junior high, how you’d carry your cardboard lunch tray through the gauntlet between cafeteria tables, warily looking for a place to eat your mystery meat and drink your milk out of the carton? The definition of a dork was the girl who plopped down wherever there was a spot open with a peppy “Hi, girls! This seat taken?” heedless of the vibes that were emanating from those already seated that screamed “Don’t even think of bringing our cool table property values down!”

The whole pre-publication experience (the book isn’t out until Tuesday, but there’s been a lot of debate about the topic and the message) has been an exercise in wedging my Formerly butt in wherever there’s a seat, in any media that will write about the book, and letting the vibes and the comments fly. (more…)

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Veronica’s a betty

296758550_30c3a040851The fam and I went to a blowout all-day barbecue eatfest at my friend Kely’s this past Sunday, and I got to hang out with some of her neighborhood friends, very cool women with whom I felt instantly comfortable. The air was thick with Formerly vibes, in part because we all roughly the same age, but also because, to a one, these women were outrageously at ease with themselves, as we Formerlies tend to be, thank God for that. It took us about 90 seconds (and not a little sangria) to splay it all out there.

Veronica–one of a pair of identical twins who look exactly like Snow White would if the prince had knocked her up a couple of times and moved her to Queens and she found a really good facialist–told a story that totally hit home with me: Her girlfriend called her from a vacation and reported that, coincidentally, she’d just met a bunch of guys from the neighborhood in which Veronica grew up. Passing on a compliment, she told Veronica that they guys had said, “The C. twins? They were HOT.” (more…)

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Just sayin’

2885657537_14598ce741 Not all aging is bad. Not in the slightest.

Check this out: It’s called 11 Yearbook Photos that Musicians Wish We’d Never Seen. It’ll take a few minutes. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Wasn’t that something? (more…)

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Apres le delusion


So I had a terrific time at a little high school get-together at this bar I used to go to when I was 16 or 17. That was before Jennifer Levin was killed in Central Park after leaving as similar bar across town and they raised the drinking age to 21 and actually started carding people.

I found the Dublin House unchanged, right down to the same old surly bartender from the mid-’80s. Not so my friends, (more…)

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